Below Decks

Session the Fourth

The Zephyr leaves the PCs on an island a few days later, with instructions to meet back at the dropoff point one week later. The captain’s associate, Caemon, is a half-orcish man with red hair, and was last known to be living in a village about half a day’s hike north.

The party finds its way to the village and is met with extreme distrust from its inhabitants. The only person who seems willing to speak to them is the village reeve, and he tells them Caemon and his family already left several days ago, but he doesn’t know where they went. Hesitantly, he tells the party they can stay in the abandoned house if they like, as there is no inn (they don’t get many visitors, after all).

While investigating the village and the abandoned house, G’way senses a strange flow of arcane energy which leads the party to a cave guarded by several armed orcs who tell them to leave, lest they be forced to attack them. Combat occurs, and the orcs are joined by several humans



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