Below Decks

Session the Third

The mutineers engage in a prolonged standoff, neither side wishing to give up any further tactical advantage. The captain’s mates retrieve the main lifeboat, and several mutineers (including the PCs) attempt to intervene, and are very nearly killed by archers. Posting watch on the portholes and windows, the party cuts down the lifeboat as it is being lowered into the water off the stern, and it floats away. At the first mate’s signal, the prison ship (which had been taken over by some of Allister’s crew) comes about and prepares to set fire to the Zephyr.

The captain strikes a deal with the mutineers – in exchange for ceasing their attack, leaving peacefully along with Dorja, they are to be given control of the prison ship. As part of the agreement, the PCs and several others remain behind and hear the captain’s proposal: he invites them to join his crew as hired muscle, to replace the so-called “incompetent rabble” that now lay bleeding on the main deck. He offers them an initial sum of gold, several magic items, and the promise of hefty shares in an unimaginable fortune. In exchange, they will first need to retrieve an associate of the captain’s on a remote island, perhaps as a test, or show of faith.

The PCs accept, given the promise of wealth, not to mention the lack of alternatives. While failure probably means they will be stranded on some island without a way of leaving, at least they won’t be in any imminent danger… from the captain, at any rate.



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